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Founder, Managing Partner

Nick is a Managing Partner at Infinity and is responsible for procurement and consulting. As a partner, Nick secures long-term electricity contracts for a broad array of clients, from individual property owner to REITs and publicly-traded institutions.

Taking a consultative approach to procurement, clients find that Nick befriends, educates and gives them Infinity’s take on the market. His passion is meeting people and getting to know them & their business. Lowering their electricity costs or helping them manage their procurement risk ends up being a great by-product of that.

At Infinity, there are no Groundhog Days. Every day, there’s something different, and Nick is talking to someone new each day across the country. For him, it’s about the long game — valuing relationships and following the Golden Rule (treat others how you want to be treated). “Transparent” is said a lot in the office, and it means that Infinity is always honest with you — good news or bad. It’s easy to deliver the good news. Anyone can do that. It’s when things don’t turn up aces that you have to rely on the relationship and the mutual trust that Nick helps build with clients. There’s not a business “Nick” and a social “Nick.” It’s just Nick. His friends and business partners may not always love his candor in the moment, but in the long term, it’s highly valued.

In the office, everybody has a voice and everybody is a partner in the decisions. You see that camaraderie and fun at Infinity spills over and helps our clients in the end because it gets our clients to where they need to be.
Prior to founding Infinity Power Partners in 2011, Nick served as a consultant on large/mid commercial real estate portfolios. Nick graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in business.

Nick is married to Jennifer and proud dad to Kyla and Connor. They met on a blind date through a friend in the business who set them up.


Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo (HLSR); Citizens for Animal Protection Society (CAPS); Coastal Conservation Association (CCA); Texas Wildlife Association, Board member of Shikar Safari Club International

Nick Altman

p: 713.559.0552
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f: 832.623.6687

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